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iOS and Android



"It’s this fondness for River Raid that led developer Project R3D to want to create a modern homage to the title, which they call Bridge Strike."


Pocket Gamer

"Bridge Strike is an upcoming arcade flight game in the vein of River Raid"

"it's definitely worth checking out if you're a retro fan or can appreciate some great pixel art and chiptune tracks."

Bridge Strike


"Przebojowy Bridge Strike z Amigi kontratakuje: studio odpowiedzialne za strzelaninę w stylu retro, która wygląda jak River Raid na sterydach"



"Bridge Strike jest amigowym hołdem dla legendarnego River Raid"


Retro na gazie

"W końcu przyszedł czas jednak i dla amigowców, aby mogli poczuć się jak to jest być pilotem takiego samolotu i urządzić sobie rajd nad rzeką."

Bridge Strike

Pure PC

"Autorzy Bridge Strike'a obiecują wiele typów nieprzyjacielskich jednostek, zmienną pogodę i zróżnicowane misje."

Fly, survive, fight with enemies and destroy all the bridges!


Get behind the controls of our plane and fight for peace. You are our last hope!

The game has stunning old school pixel graphics, a dedicated chiptune soundtrack and SFX and features several types of terrain across diverse and demanding missions. 


Main features:

- RAID mission - destroy as many bridges as possible and try to survive
- CAMPAIGNS mode - various missions with specific tasks to complete
- different locations
- dynamic weather conditions like sun, snow, snowstorm, rain, rainstorm etc.
- time of day changes
- lots of enemies to destroy
- great music and sfx
- many hidden funny stuff

Few scenes from the gameplay


Project R3D

We are 100% indie games studio. We are mainly localized in Poland, but some of us live and work in other countries. We can say that we are a multinational team :) We try really hard to make our players happy as we also love playing games.

Currently we are focusing on new projects. Bridge Strike is one of them.

Btw. we are the authors of Tanks Furry and Bridge Strike for Commodore Amiga. If you want to know more about our Amiga projects click the link below.

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